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Independence Matters!

There are several compelling reasons that you may wish to have a chemical dependency assessment conducted by an assessor who is not employed by a treatment center or program.


  • Conflicts of interest:  No matter how conscientious the professional is, an employee of a treatment center may feel or be compelled to refer you to their programs regardless of whether it is a good fit for you.

  • A treatment center has a vested interest in providing additional services to you and may tend to “over prescribe” as a result.

  • Chemical health assessors who also offer education programs that are often required by the court, such as Driving With Care programs, may have a similar conflict of interest in making these recommendations.

  • Using an independent assessor means you receive a complete and fair assessment that is tailored to your needs – not the philosophy or practices of a treatment or education provider.

  • Choosing a self-pay independent assessor means that the information you provide does not become part of your medical or health insurance record.

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