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September - 2019  Continuing Education Event for Hazelden-Betty Ford - Center City MN

Session: "Minority Stress Considerations in Substance Use Treatment for LGBTQ People."  Kate will discuss research on minority stress factors in treatment settings and provide an interactive training experience to assist participants in improving their practices.

June - 2019 Continuing Education Event for NuWay - Minneapolis MN

Session:  "Money Matters: Personal Finance and Early Recovery." Money is an uncomfortable subject for many people, including counselors who may need to work with clients struggling with getting their personal finances in order.  Kate will discuss ways to approach the subject, including looking at one's own beliefs and fears about money,

October - 2018  NAADAC Annual Conference - Houston TX

Session: "Minority Stress Considerations in Substance Use Treatment for LGBTQ People"

Kate presented a workshop at the national conference for addiction professionals.  She discussed research that has been conducted linking minority stress factors such as victimization, discrimination, and internalized homophobia to substance use disorders. 

March - 2018  OPPORTUNITY CONFERENCE: Advancing LGBTQ Health - Minneapolis

Symposium:  "Serving LGBTQ Individuals in Mainstream Recovery Settings"

Kate presented as part of a panel at the March 2018 Opportunity Conference.  The panel discussed working with LGBTQ clients within treatment programs that serve the general population.


Substance Use Disorders in LGBTQ Populations

included in "The Routledge Handbook of LGBTQIA Administration and Policy"

Edited by Wallace Swan, published October 26, 2018

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