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  • Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessments - a thorough assessment is designed to help you understand your risks related to use of addictive substances and provide recommendations and referrals that will help you to address them.  As an independent assessor, I am able to provide an objective and thorough evaluation and recommend the resources that will benefit you the most. 

    • Meeting all legal requirements including MN Rule 245g (formerly Rule 25) and DOT

    • Includes referrals and assistance in obtaining additional services if recommended

    • Flat fee includes assessment tools, personal interview, collateral contacts and follow-up.

  • Individual Counseling - support and therapy tailored to your needs.  The relationship of client and counselor is the single most important factor in successfully addressing addiction. 

    • One on one support for people who wish to address problematic use of alcohol and other drugs

    • Using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, motivational interviewing, and 12 Step facilitation

    • Recommended for people who have difficulty in group settings, or who desire flexible scheduling and anonymity.

    • Especially helpful for people who are frustrated by repeated cycles of treatment and relapse

    • Recovery Case Management to support transition from treatment, including regular individual sessions, coordination of services, monitoring and employment and financial coaching.

  • Family Counseling - addiction is referred to as a 'family disease' because it profoundly affects family members.  Families need assistance during all phases of addiction and recovery.

    • Working with families to obtain help for family members - using CRAFT and ARISE based intervention methods.

    • Counseling and resources to help families change and adapt to support a loved ones recovery

    • Sensitivity and experience with family business concerns, legacy and related family financial matters

  • Help for Employers - problematic substance use can be costly and disrupt the workplace.

    • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for DOT covered employees

    • Education and workplace consulting for substance use issues

    • Individual assistance for Executives and Sr. Management - provided with sensitivity to the special concerns of key people

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